The Metromer team


After 4 terms of being at Art Center, given its demanding work load, we were glad for a break during the Spring of 2011. Yusun was excited to be in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, I was at INSEAD, Fontainbleau, near Paris attending business school.

We spoke often. Conversations would often return to how we could aggregate all this new learning to our design thesis, which we were due to start soon. Several debates and heated Skype calls later, we realized that we had come to agreement on what the format for our thesis’ should be.

Sometime back, we had worked together on a project sponsored by American Red Cross. We discovered that we worked well together and could agree most times, or at the least agree to disagree. We agreed to work on our thesis together.

Yusun had lived in Seoul for a large part of her life, and then moved to Los Angeles after some time in New York. I had lived in various cities in India before moving to LA. As we talked about our experiences –hers in Hong kong and mine in Paris, we realized how similar most urban cities are, and yet unique in so many ways. One thing that defined cities were the commuting trends there. Although commuting is always seen as a drudgery, could we make celebrate commuting as an attitude to celebrate the ownership of the city?

While the process followed for the Metoromer project was meticulous (detailed posts on process here), there were several speed bumps and dead-ends. Each one of them made us appreciate the strengths of working in a team.