Need intersection: System map

The solution would have to satisfy all these stakeholders to be truly innovative. At the intersection of the 5 spheres in the system map, lay the ideal ERV (emergency response vehicle). Step 1: Blue post-its represent insights. All the insights are written on blue post-its. We put them on top a board with the ones […]

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Diverging, Converging

This is the schedule for the 14 week project. Each phase has been explained in detail below. Click and explore. This project was about strengthening ARC’s most important symbol, the Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV). Click on each stage to see more They wanted new ideas for the Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV). This ERV is a […]

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Making scenarios

“Scenario” is a frequently abused word is the play field of designers. For most, it stands halfway between a concept and an idea, and nearly steps on the toes of a system map. My usual wiki look-up gave me this surprising revelation of its origin. 
“A scenario (from Italian: that which is pinned to the […]

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