Hitting the sweet-spot
Creativity in strategy
Problem solving
        Innovation is at the intersection of human, business and technical expectation.               “Where are we now?” “where do we want to be?” “how do we get there?” answered creatively.               New solutions to problems across various functions using hybrid and lateral thinking.         
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Finding the
real problem

Dealing with

Building frameworks
        Digging deeper to find the underlying problem, rather than band-aid solutions.               Dealing with ambiguity to crystallize and create tangible action plans.               Creating frameworks that help visualize and analyze complex situations.         



User experiences
Graphic design
Product design
        Designing interfaces & user experience through digital media such as apps and websites.               Using the power of composition, color & perception to create impactful visuals.               End to end product design from research & opportunity definition to prototyping and testing.         
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Multi cultural collaboration
Team work
        Working and studying in 5 different countries in the last 10 years.               It’s amazing how much is accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.               I take initiative, encourage ideas, listen to people and drive change.         



        Try ideas on for size. Test, iterate and get stakeholder buy-in, early-on.               Visualizing pretty much anything to communicate to pretty much anyone.               Facilitating productive & high-performance group work-sessions.      
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Future Scenario

Blue ocean


        Using tools to create descriptive scenarios of the future to link back to decisions for today.               Using Blue-ocean strategy to create frameworks that allow you to see gaps and identify opportunities.               Analyzing and visualizing complex cause and effects to make visual system maps for decision making.         
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Million great ideas;
one right idea


Story telling

        Making & sifting through a million ideas, to find one right idea to be realized.               Building a brand from the inside out to resonate the core values at every layer.               Explaining, selling ideas & engaging the audience through story telling.