Research everything

The process started out with approaching the research from 3 directions.
  • The human needs
  • The technologies that can be leveraged
  • Business goals of Moen and their strategy (vs) that of the other competitors in the industry

Is there a bathroom sink ritual that people follow? How does the user behave?

What technology is owned by Moen, or can be licensed by them easily?
What materials can we use that will suit the function of the sink, while having the least carbon footprint? What does the life cycle analysis look like?

Is the solution sustainable– economically? socially? environmentally?

For a product to be sustainable, it has to be loved by the user. This makes sure it has a long life, and is well cared for. Not only does it have to be a delightful experience, but has to add meaningful value to the life of the user.

Meanwhile, the process around the life of the product have to be sustainable from cradle to cradle. These two essential aspects together make a product truly sustainable.


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