Iconic hybrid scooter: Qube

The challenge:

  • The theme for the 2008 auto expo was Eco vehicles. TVS motorcycles had been developing a gas-electric hybrid engine. The appropriate vehicle was needed to launch it.

The solution:

  • Qube won the best two wheeler award, 2008 from Overdrive magazine.
  • The chassis was adapted from TVS’s production line, with a wheel base of 1230 mm. The engine was single cylinder 4 stroke, air cooled.
  • In 2010, TVS made version 2.0 of the Qube concept.

My process:

  • What should a hybrid look like? It could look grunty and ferocious since it is in no way a meeker machine for being a cleaner one. But this scooter is designed to be a Gadget as opposed to a Machine.
  • My sketch was selected as the final direction for the project. The prototype was built in about 6 tight weeks by 5 of us (Goka, Mahesh, Katti, Charles and I) working round the clock just in time for the auto show in Jan 08.
  • We went through the stages of clay modeling, FRP casting, painting, machining with help from the expert modeling crew at TVS motors.


…is congested with vehicles of all shapes and sizes as people fret about the increasing heat and pollution.
It is called by some as the Silicon valley of India where the dreams are big and the average age is 30. Every tech company works from here.

The Bangalorean…

…likes eco-superior products that are not only eco-friendly, but superior to polluting incumbents in every possible way– a combination of eco-friendly, superior functionality, design, and superior savings. He would rather go on his comfortable scooter which has space for his messenger bag, than wait in the traffic while the bus inches towards electronic city.

The team for this project was Ravi Goka, Mahesh P, Charles Tirkey, Prasanna Katti and myself headed by Elias Abraham in TVS motor co, India, 2007.