Commuting made cool: Metromer


  • Create a brand for global urban commuters that makes them feel good about commuting.
  • Integrate physical and virtual products, to create added value for the business.


  • Metromer: A global urban brand that celebrates commuting.
  • The business plan was fully developed along with Marketing strategies, Sales and Distribution details, Vendor identification and sourcing, Growth and scaling strategies, and financial pro-forma for up to 5 years.
  • The portability gear was developed till the stage of final production prototypes. The Metromer app was developed as a functional prototype for testing.


  • See a detailed process diagram here.
  • After the first stage of broad research, we recruited group of 4 people that we could do in-depth research with. We could go back to them at the end of every iteration for testing, and validation.

The Metromer business

Physical meets virtual

The metromer app

Watch the movie below to see how the app works, and make sure its fullscreen!

The metromer portability gear


The target consumer

Consumer needs identified & answered

Consumer trends found & followed

After meetings with lawyers and understanding our constraints this project was reluctantly put on the shelf.

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