• Improve the much dreaded, but unavoidable experience of urban commuting.
  • “Celebrate commuting”– Create a business around a global commuting brand.


  • Three simultaneous tracks to the process were, design questions, business questions, and filters that helped us make decisions about what to take forward.
  • After the first stage of horizontal research, we created a focus group of 4 people that we could do in-depth research with. They were vital to the project, as we would go back to them at the end of every iteration for testing, and validation.
  • A road-map has been developed for the brand, product diversification and scaling.
  • We are right now at the stage of user testing and finding vital members for our team.


  • Metromer: A global urban brand that celebrates commuting.
  • The first product line starts with an app. This app is real-time gaming to reward every commute based on how smart it was. Rewards range from virtual points to actual physical products that are a limited edition from our other product lines.
  • The second product line is a range of commuting specific bags. They are designed with features that make commuting easier. For example, my favorite feature is that you cannot see any of the openings (no zippers, no buckles) while wearing the bag. This was inspired by an insight that commuters (especially in metro trains and buses) are nervous about people grabbing things from their bags, while their backs are turned to the crowd.

Metromer Mission

    We are a global commuter brand that help commuters feel good about commuting. We do this though:

  • A sense of security/safety : feeling secure and knowing their belongings are safe and with them.
  • A sense of control: knowing and having information to make smart decisions.
  • A sense of community: ability to connect with fellow commuters, as symbols of belongings to the commuting culture.
  • A sense of fun: making commuting a long playing fun game.

Target user


Consumer trend


Product 1: Commuting game app

Check out the video above to know more about the app. The design of the app in currently under progress, but you can sneak a peak here.

Product 2: Line of commuting bags

The commuter bags are designed with features that make commuting easier.

  • Hidden openings for security on the crowded metro.
  • Versatile bags, that make it easier to carry while running to meet the bus.
  • Modular bags, with different sized totally detachable sub-bags, to carry the formal shoes that you don’t want to ruin while walking on the street.
  • Smaller accessories that make it easier to carry loose change, your metro pass, or your precious laptop.

Physical meets virtual

The functional take away for the user is to gauge the smartness of the commute on scales of time, money and carbon. Apart from this, the point system is rewarding at 2 levels.

  • Accomplishing milestones, brings status and extends the challenge.
  • With milestones you unlock actual physical status symbols. These are limited edition bags from the line of commuter bags made by Metromer. These mark you as belonging to a select inner circle of Metromers– people that know the city and own it. The value of this limited line is exclusive as it cannot be purchased outside the app.



Revenue streams
  • App sales
  • Affiliate marketing:
    Ad revenue on app
  • Soft goods wholesale
  • Soft goods online retail

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