Managing sustainability: Nestlé


  • Nestlé takes sustainability seriously and they want to integrate it into every aspect of the organization function. How can the LCA methodology be used before or during the process of product development to make better products?


  • The solution is to de-mystify the truth about sustainability and make it part of the development process, right at the beginning.
  • A method to Visualize, Analyze and then Realize sustainability based on facts, and not assumptions and hear-say.
  • The project is being implemented by getting stakeholder buy-in and increasing the cope of the project to go beyond R&D into other verticals such as Marketing and consumer communication.


  • The project lasted from April 2011 to April 2012.
  • Phase 1, Discovery: Nestlé Development Process and structure, Nestlé Sustainability Network.
  • Phase 2, Experiments: Workshops to gather insights from employees, Sustainable Design Best Practices, Testing of hypothesis on methods and directions.
  • Phase 3, Outcome: Development & co-design based on conclusions from the experiment phase.
  • Phase 4, Testing & implementation: Getting the outcomes validated by experts and users within Nestle, increasing the impact of the outcome by increasing the scope.