the sweet spot

Middle ground

    This is the process we plan to follow for Metromer. To develop an innovative business, it is vital to strike a balance between need-led-design and context-led-business. In the middle of these 2 tracks, are the filters to make the right decisions. The first stage is Design research (shown on the left) and the Market […]

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Need intersection: System map

The solution would have to satisfy all these stakeholders to be truly innovative. At the intersection of the 5 spheres in the system map, lay the ideal ERV (emergency response vehicle). Step 1: Blue post-its represent insights. All the insights are written on blue post-its. We put them on top a board with the ones […]

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Research everything

The process started out with approaching the research from 3 directions. The human needs The technologies that can be leveraged Business goals of Moen and their strategy (vs) that of the other competitors in the industry Is there a bathroom sink ritual that people follow? How does the user behave? What technology is owned by […]

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