Foam core in the middle

The design went through a lot of iterations, with the focus being on 2 things–1) the interaction design and 2) the life cycle analysis of the design to make sure it was a sustainable solution.
This was done though

  • Converting the research insights into opportunities through ideation
  • Refining the ideas though making foam core mock ups and testing them. This is the most fun, foam core in the middle step.
  • Modeling the selected model for details
  • Building a working prototype. The plumbing was simulated using a small fountain pump concealed under the surface of the sink, with drainage drilled through the wall into the room behind.
  • The presentation was a success, where people could come and try out the sink for themselves.


Sketch to Mockup

See full process here

A quick product idea

  • This concept was made as part of a two day design workshop on Green design in March, 2003, during my first year foundation program at NID. The challenge was to make products with an element of play from discarded waste around the campus.
  • A day for creative ideation and to collect the necessary materials. The second day in the workshop to make the product.
  • The product has been made by using the frame from a discarded bicycle, and half a used tire from a truck.
  • This prototype was kept on the lawn and used as a play-thing by several generations of students after I graduated.