New product and
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New opportunity

New Business

        Designing solutions to answer targeted needs. Adding value through the design of products, experiences, interfaces and interactions.               Finding insights & developing opportunities from them that are feasible for the organization, desirable for the customer and viable for the business.               Disruptive thinking for long-term growth. Assimilating analysis of trends, the industry, competition, market and needs to create new business concepts.         


        Innovation sweetspot
           Strategic design
           Problem solving
           Behavioral research
        User experiences
           Product to market
           Multicultural leadership
        Need identification
           Building frameworks
           Visualize/ Prototype
           Story telling


        Neeti is an entrepreneur and design strategist. She is the co-founder of Sohum innovation lab. She does consulting alongside, to provide services in design strategy and innovation and works with a network of collaborators.
She did a stint at the INSEAD school of business and an MS in Industrial design at Art Center College of Design. She has worked in a variety of industries including medical devices, consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics and automobiles.

Work place: Sohum innovation lab


Contact through: Linkedin profile | Twitter @neeti_kailas | About.me/neeti

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